New Products: Drum Heaters & IBC Heaters

CG Composites is proud to supply Kuhlmann Electro Heat® Drum Heaters and IBC Heaters throughout Australia.  These products offer users the ability to keep contents at a consistent temperature, a certain viscosity or keep content from freezing.

Drum Heaters and IBC (Intermediate Bulk Container) Heaters are ideal for:

  • Heating Water
  • Heating Resin
  • Heating Oils / Diesel fuel
  • Heating Vaseline
  • Heating Wax e.g. Lanolin, Wool wax or Wool Grease.
  • Heating Fats
  • Heating Butter e.g. Ghee

View the new Drum Heater and IBC Heater range here.

CG Composites also offers Heating Blankets for heating elements to specific temperatures. View Heating Blanket products here.