Ampreg 31

Category : Resins
Type : Gurit
Code : AMPREG31
Size : See Below
Brand : Gurit
Description :
Ampreg 31, which replaces Ampreg 22,  is an award winning low toxicity epoxy laminating resin.  It is intended for both wet lay-up and vacuum bagging processes and uses the most up-to-date epoxy chemistry available. Its long working time, low exo-therm and low viscosity make it ideal for the manufacture of large, high performance composite structures. Ampreg 31 resin is coloured  yellow, with the hardeners having a range of different shades of orange. This makes component identification easier and facilitates thorough mixing of resin and hardener.    Kits come with either fast or slow hardener.
  • Optimised for hand lay-up
    • Range of robust resins for excellent mechanical and thermal properties of laminates
    • Easy we-out of heavyweight reinforcements
    • Good cure progression from ambient only cures

Available Sizes:
Resin Size Hardener Required Slow Hardener Size Fast Hardener Size
18 kg 4.68kg 4.68 kg 4.68 kg
219 kg 3 x 19 kg 19 kg 19 kg
Kits Resin Size Slow Hardener Size Fast Hardener Size
4.66 kg and  1.26 kg 3.7 kg and 1.0kg 0.96 kg and 0.26kg o.96 kg and 0.26kg

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