Araldite LY 3600 / Aradur 3600-2

Category : Resins
Type : Epoxy Kits
Code : AR3600,  AH3600
Size : Various
Brand : Huntsman
Description :
Araldite LY 3600 CI / Aradur 3600-2 CI is an unfilled, solvent-free, easy-to-handle laminating system. Due to its excellent wettability and long work life, the material produces laminates with good uniformity and is ideal for use on today s advanced fabrics suitable for wide ranges of industrial composites, aerospace composites.   Laminates manufactured using this system also demonstrate excellent stability under a broad range of ambient temperatures. Even better performance properties can be achieved by post curing parts at elevated temperatures. Available in: Araldite LY 3600: -1kg -3kg -20kg Aradur 3600-2: -300g -1kg -3kg -18kg