Braided Carbon Fibre Sleeve

Category : Reinforcements/Fabrics
Type : Braided Tapes and Tubes
Code : BCS
Size : Various Sizes
Brand :
Description :
Biaxial Carbon Fibre Sleeve are a sleeve with a +/- 45 degree fibre orientation without cutting, stitching or manipulation. This construction is highly drapable and conformable, allowing for reduced time and cost due to ease and consistency of lay-up. Available in: .75"" (19mm) 302gsm; 1"" (25.5mm) 281gsm; 1.5"" (38mm) 281gsm; 2"" (51mm) 245gsm; 3"" (76mm) 244gsm; 4"" (101.5mm) 241gsm; 4"" (101.5mm) 370gsm