Braided Carbon Fibre Sleeve

Category : Reinforcements/Fabrics
Type : Braided Tapes and Tubes
Code : BCS
Size : Various Sizes
Brand : A&P Technology
Description :
A&P Technology Sharx™ braided sleevings easily and repeatedly conform to the shape of products with changing geometries like prosthetics and hockey sticks, improving overall performance, minimizing weight, and maximizing strength. A sleeve takes on the exact shape and dimensions of the part over which it is pulled. When the sleeving is pulled over a part with changing cross-sections the fiber orientation, the thickness, and the yield of the braid vary at each point along the length of the part. These variations are predictable and repeatable and lend themselves to easy and precise manufacture of composite parts. Sharx™ braid is seamless, so all fibers within the reinforcement work together to carry the load. The fibers in Sharx™ sleevings orient themselves to follow the load path.
Available Sizes:
Width Weight
Inches Millimetres Grams per Square Metre Metres per Kilogram 
0.75" 19 mm 302 gsm 56 m/kg
1" 25 mm 281 gsm 45 m/kg
1.5" 38 mm 281 gsm 30 m/kg
2" 50 mm 254 gsm 25 m/kg
3" 75 mm 244 gsm 17 m/kg
4" 100 mm 241 gsm 11 m/kg
4" 100 mm 370 gsm 8.5 m/kg