Fumed Silica

Category : Fillers
Type : Filler Powders
Code : FA-F
Size : See Below
Brand : HJSIL
Description :
Fumed Silica, Cabosil or Colloidal Silica is an agent which is used to control the thixotropy or ‘sag’ characteristics of a resin system. Relatively small quantities added to a resin mix containing glass bubbles or microballoons will give non-sag properties and impart easier handling. Cabosil can also be added with Cotton Flock or microfibres to produce a mix suitable either as a high strength non-sagging structural adhesive or as a ‘high density’ filler.
Available Sizes:
Weight Volume
50g 1L
250g 5L
500g 10L
1kg 20L
10kg 200L

Click here for the Fumed Silica Technical Data Sheet