Carbon Fibre 2×2 Twill 200gsm (Weave Set)

Category : Reinforcements/Fabrics
Type : Woven
Code : RC200WST
Size : 1270mm
Brand : Gurit
Description :
This cosmetic carbon fibre  is easy to use with very good structural properties.   Gurit's 2x2 Twill has a weave set binder that allows the fabric to be drapable and conform to complex shapes without distorting the weave and cosmetic appearance of the fabric.   It uses a high quality Toray T300  fibre that is suitable for many applications including aerospace, marine and automotive. Skilful hobbyists will like using it because it is ideal for skinning (the process of overlaying existing components with a single layer carbon fibre) and giving the finished product a genuine carbon fibre look. Sold by the l/m or roll.