Crestomer 1152PA- Urethane Acrylate

Category : Adhesives
Type : Urethane Acrylate
Code : Crestomer 1152PA
Size : 20kg
Brand : Scott Bader
Description :
Crestomer 1152PA is a two part pre-accelerated, highly thixotropic structural adhesive based on unsaturatedurethane acrylate in a styrene monomer. It is used in many structural composite applications and has excellentadhesion to FRP laminates, core materials, wood and some metals. Due to it’s excellent adhesion to a widerange of materials, 1152PA can also be used a general purpose adhesive. It can be used for bonding diesel tanks, contour joints in FRP components, to build up damaged areas and to bond “green” FRP.
  • Non sagging on vertical surfaces
  • Excellent adhesion and high elongation at break
  • Excellent fatigue and impact resistance
  • Improved aesthetic and better surface finish

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