Drum Heater 0-200°C – IP54 – Foodstuff and Pharmaceutical

Category : Drum Heaters
Type : Drum Blanket Heaters
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The Kuhlmann Electro- Heat drum heaters are perfect for drums where you want to keep the content at a consistent temperature, a certain viscosity or keeping the content from freezing. This drum heater is designed for the food and pharmaceutical industries. This heater is designed in special silicone materials that comply with the industry's rules and regulations so that the silicone does not store bacteria but works optimal and safe for food hygiene.


  • Silicone/Glass fabric jacket.
  • Glass filament blanket.
  • Silicone insulated spiral Wound resistance element.
  • Adjustable quick-release webbing straps.
  • Standard size 200 Litres
  • 10ft power cable.
  • Thermostat 0-120°C.
  • IP54 Protection.

Optional Extras:
Drum Base Heater 0-120°C The Drum Base heaters are used to heat up the metal drums from the bottom. These can be used as a standalone product, it is easy to combine it with a traditional drum heater.
For more information about Drum Base Heater 0-120°C  click here 

 Insulating Top Lid The Insulating Top Lid is made from the same Silicon Impregnated Hybrid Cloth as the Drum Heater.  This will Improve the heat retention and increase the speed of heating (only available for 200L)  

Welded PVC Cover with Viewing Window The welded PVC cover is made to be used in conjunction with a Drum Heater. It is made to an oversize specification so that it can simply slide over the top of any Drum Heater underneath.