G-PET Recycled Structural Foam

Category : Core Materials
Type : PET
Code : GPET
Size : 2400mm x 1200 x Thickness
Brand : Gurit
Description :
Gurit® G-PET™ is a highly adaptable, recyclable, thermoplastic core material with good balance of mechanical properties, temperature resistance, density and cost for a wide range of applications and processes.  G-PET is compatible with a wide range of resin systems including epoxy, vinyl ester,unsaturated polyester and phenolic resins.  G-PET can be processed at high temperatures, withstanding exotherms up to 150°C and offers outstanding fatigue properties, chemical resistance, good adhesion, is a highly consistent extruded foam, it is ideal for wind energy, marine, industrial, and transportation applications. Applicable processing techniques include vacuum infusion, bonding, prepreg, and thermoforming.
  • Gurit® KerdynTM Green: 100% recycled PET based product range
  • Withstands high process temperatures
  • Excellent chemical resistance
  • Good adhesion & mechanical properties
  • PET low resin uptake performance

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