Heating Blanket 0-120°C without Insulation

Category : Industrial Heating Blankets
Type : Non-Insulated Heat Blanket
Code : Heat Blanket
Size : Various
Brand : Kuhlmann Electro-Heat
Description :
Kuhlmann's non-insulated industrial heating blankets are the optimal product when it comes to safely and effectively heating elements to a specific temperature up to 120°C.
  • Optimal curing of the composite materials, carbon, and epoxy pre preg
  • Designed for repairing wind turbine blades, aerospace, marine and automotive components
  • Perfect contact and uniform heat spreading to the material
  • Durable, flexible and light weight

Available Sizes:
Size Voltage Power
1000mm x 590mm 230V 1700W
2000mm x 430mm  230V 2500W

Controller Options:
JUMO HeatTherm The JUMO HeatTherm is a analogue temperature controller that is very simple and easy to use.  The desired temperature is easily set on the controller.
For more information about JUMO HeatTherm Controllers click here