IBC Heater 0-90°C

Category : Drum Heaters & IBC Heaters
Type : IBC
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Brand : Kuhlmann Electro-Heat
Description :
The Kuhlmann heaters are perfect for heating IBCs (Intermediate Bulk Containers). At room temperature many materials become too viscous to dispense from an IBC and they may need to be heated.  An IBC heating jacket is the perfect solution when it comes to quickly and effectively heating up fluids and materials making them very easy to empty from a container with little or no waste.
  • Teflon coated polyester material
  • Polyester insulation with silicon heating wire
  • Up to 3 individual thermostats 0-90ºC
  • Adjustable quick release buckles
  • Warm-up duration approx. 48h (1000 Litres of water from +15ºC to +70ºC with a 3 x 1000W IBC heater)

Available Sizes
Size Voltage Power Number of Controllers
1000L 230V 1 x 1000W 1
1000L 230V 2 x 1000W 2
1000L 230V 3 x 1000W 3
Controller Options  
Kuhlmann DigiTherm (standard) The Kuhlmann DigiTherm temperature controller is a durable, compact and very easy to use temperature controller for precise temperature adjustment.
For more information about DigiTherm Controllers click here
JUMO HeatTherm The JUMO HeatTherm is a analogue temperature controller that is very simple and easy to use.  The desired temperature is easily set by turning the knob on the controller.
For more information about JUMO HeatTherm Controllers click here 

Optional Extras
IBC Insulation Body Cover The IBC insulation body jacket is designed to insulate and maintaining temperature inside an IBC intermediate bulk container. The insulation jacket is is made from a water resistant nylon materials and equipped with 4 quick release buckles for easy installation. This design allows the cover to be used in conjunction with an IBC Container Heater - just attach and power on the container heater first and then the insulated body cover as an outer layer. Tighten the straps and you will get a faster heating process.  
PVC Waterproof Cover This waterproof PVC cover is perfect to secure an IBC container against water in moist environments. The seams on the cover are welded, which makes the cover perfectly waterproof. It is made from a durable PVC plastic and is very easy to attach and detach from an IBC.  
 Insulating Top Lid The Insulating Top Lid is made from the same Teflon Coated Polyester Material as the Drum Heater.  This will Improve the heat retention and increase the speed of heating