Category : Reinforcements/Fabrics
Type : Woven
Code : RI
Size : Various Sizes
Brand :
Description :
Innegra is a high performing fibre delivering superior toughness and durability while at the same time reducing weight. In both fibreglass and carbon fibre composites, Innegra dramatically increases the toughness and impact resistance. Innegra delivers the benefits of a high performing fibres such as aramids (Kevlar) at a fraction of the cost. Hybrid aramid (Innegra) panels have proven to have the same ballistic performance as aramid (Kevlar) panels at a dramatically lower cost.
Available Sizes:
Weight Weave Width
68 gsm Plain Weave 1000 mm
135 gsm 4 Harness Satin 1000 mm
154 gsm Fibre Glass / 68 gsm Inngra Double Bias / Plain Weave 1270 mm

Click here for the Innegra Technical Data Sheet