Multiaxial Fibreglass (Double Bias, Biaxial, Quadraxial)

Category : Reinforcements/Fabrics
Type : Stitched
Code : XE, BE, QE
Size : Various Sizes
Brand :
Description :
Multiaxial Fibreglass consists of multiple layers of unidirectional laid down parallel at variety of angles (+45°, -45°, 0°, +90°) and then stitched together. It is available in a range of weights: Double Bias (+45°, -45°) 154gsm 1270mm; 312gsm 1270mm; 400gsm 1260mm, 600gsm 1270mm; 800gsm 1270mm; 900gsm 1260mm; Double Bias with chopstrand (+45°, -45°) 435gsm DB with 225gsm CSM 1270mm; 600gsm DB with 225gsm CSM 1270mm; Biaxial (0°, 90°) 453gsm 1270mm; 615gsm 1270mm; 656gsm 1270mm; 850gsm 1270mm; Biaxial with chopstrand (0°, 90°);-600gsm BE with 275gsm CSM;