Polyester Resin 2080

Category : Resins
Type : Polyester
Code : PE-2080
Size : 1kg, 4kg, 25kg, 225kg
Brand : NCS
Description :
Polylite 2080 Paslse is a rigid, medium reactivity, thixotropic, low styrene emission orthophthalic unsaturated polyester resin with a blue catalyst colour change indicator.  The resin has a built in accelerator system that gives medium to long geltime and good reactivity in medium thick laminates (3-8mm) layed wet in wet without creating too high laminate peak exotherm.
  • Low styrene emission
  • Colour change indicator
  • suitable for hand lay-up and spray general purpose composite applications

Click here for the Polylite 2080 PasLSE Technical Data Sheet