Polyurethane Insulation / Buoyancy Foam

Category : Core Materials
Type : Polyurethane Systems
Code : Thane
Size : 2400mm x 1200 x Thickness
Brand :
Description :
Polyurethane Insulation / Buoyancy Foam is a low density rigid polyurethane foam system, producing a foam with nominal free rise density of 34-36kg/m³. It is designed for use in thermal insulating applications in hot or cold environments.   The closed cell foam is also ideal for buoyancy in boats, buoys, docks, pontoons and flotation devices.
  • Suitable for Marine buoyancy applications.
  • Excellent insulation properties for temperatures ranging from -30°C to +85°C
  • Compatable with Polyester, Vinylester and Epoxy resins
  • Low weight and high stiffness

Click here for the Polyurethane Foam Technical Data Sheet