Gruit SE 84LV

Category : Pre Pregs
Type : Gurit
Code : PP SE84
Size : On Request
Brand :
Description :
SE 84LV is an exceptionally versatile hot-melt, epoxy prepreg. It can be cured at temperature as low as 80°C (176°F), or can be used for faster moulding of components at 120°C (248°F). This is achieved with an extremely good outlife of up to 8 weeks at 18-22°C (64-72°F). It is a toughened system, and offers excellent mechanical properties on a wide variety of reinforcing fabrics and fibres.
  • Versatile, high-strength prepreg system
  • Curable at temperatures as low as 80°C (176°F)
  • Can be processed with vacuum-only processing
  • Excellent tack
  • Low Viscosity – Ideal for use with heavy fibre weights
  • Germanischer Lloyd Certified
  • Lloyd’s Register Certified

Available Sizes:
Material Weight Width Roll Length
2x2 Twill 200 gsm 1270 mm 50m (63.5sqm)
Double Bias (+45° / -45°) 411 gsm 1270 mm 30m (38.1sqm)
Uni Directional 300 gsm 400 mm 150m (60sqm)
Uni Directional 450 gsm 400 mm 100m (40sqm)

Click here for the SE 84LV Technical Data Sheet