Prime 27 Epoxy Infusion System

Category : Resins
Type : Gurit
Code : Prime 27
Size : See Below
Brand : Gurit
Description :
PRIME™ 27 is suitable for the moulding of large and small, complex components incorporating advanced fibres such as carbon and aramid.
  • Suitable for infusing structures that utilise carbon, aramid and glass fibres
  • Good mechanical properties
  • Very low exotherm in thick sections
  • GL approved
  • Available with three Hardeners, Fast, Slow and High TG
The system has an exceptionally low exotherm characteristic, which allows thick sections to be manufactured without risk of premature gelation due to exothermic heat build-up. This low exotherm will also extend the life of tools.
Available Sizes:
Resin Size Hardener Required Slow Hardener Size Fast Hardener Size
1 kg 280 g 280 g 280 g
3 kg 840 g 840 g 840 g
20 kg 2x 2.8kg 2.8 kg 2.8 kg
214 kg 3x 19kg 19 kg 19 kg

Click here for the Prime27 Technical Data Sheet