PTFE Coated Release Film

Category : Vacuum Consumables
Type : Consumables
Size : 1000mm
Brand :
Description :
Airtech Tooltec A007 pressure sensitive tape is designed to adhere to tool surfaces providing semi-permanent release and a reconditioned surface. It can be used on all types of molds, press platens, caul sheets or any surface that comes in contact with resins or adhesives. Release agents are not required on the mould surface thereby reducing cost and parts contamination. Tooltec A007 is a reinforced mold surface reconditioning tape providing a semi-permanent release for flat tools. This product comes standard with a silicone pressure adhesive, but can also be supplied with an acrylic adhesive by special order.  
  • Provides semi-permanent release saving time spent cleaning tooling and reapplying release agents.
  • Tools can be used to recondition worn or damaged tools for extended service, avoiding cost of remanufacture.
  • Improve tool surface finish and aid resin flow for better part surface finish and reduced hand finishing.

Click here for the Tooltec A007 Technical Data Sheet