RenCast 264-1 Aluminium Filled Epoxy

Category : Tooling Systems
Type : Tooling Resin
Code : REN264
Size : 20kg
Brand : Huntsman
Description :
RenCast 264-1 is an aluminium filled casting epoxy system available with a range of reactivities depending of the choice of hardener.  Ideal for making durable patterns or tools vacuum forming moulds, construction of foundry patterns for protoptypes and short runs or moulds for making epoxy, vinylester or polyester parts.
  • Suitable for full or face castings
  • Cure rate determined by choice of hardener
  • Operating temperatures up to 150°C depend on hardener type
  • Excellent heat transfer
  • Readily pourable
  • Readily machinable when cured

Click here for the RenCast 264-1 Technical Data Sheet