RenCast 6444

Category : Resins
Type : Polyurethane
Code : REN6444
Size : 5.08kg
Brand :
Description :
RenCast® 6444 (Resin) and Ren® 6444 (Hardener) system is an extremly effective semi-rigid, amber, two-component polyurea elastomer for applications in which wear resistance is critical. RenCast® 6444 R/H develops excellent physical properties when cured at room temperature without containing MOCA, TDI or MDA. The low viscosity and good working life allows easy handling and release of entrapped air.
  • Foundry patterns
  • Core boxes
  • Tough wear-resistant parts
  • Nest and holding fixtures for assembly equipment
  • Repair of metal tooling
  • Can be applied by casting, surface casting, or roto-molding

Click here for the RenCast 6444 Technical Data Sheet