Spabond 340 Slow

Category : Adhesives
Type : Gurit
Code : SPABOND340LV-400S
Size : 400ml kit
Brand : Gurit
Description :
Spabond 340 is a toughened, thixotropic adhesive system with a simple 2:1 by weight and by volume mix ratio. It is designed for use with a mixing machine and has a sag resistance of 30mm on a vertical surface. The range of hardeners available make this product ideal for bonding small or large structures. The components are pigmented to give a visual indication of mix quantity.
  • Excellent gap filling properties
  • High strength and toughness industrial adhesive
  • Three hardener speeds to give a range of working times / clamp times
  • Low exotherm and shrinkage
  • Temperature performance up to 80°C

Click here for the Spabond 340 Technical Data Sheet