Aluminium Thru Bag Fitting

Category : Vacuum Consumables
Type : Fittings
Code : 401C
Size : ea
Brand : Airtech
Description :
Airtech Vac Valve 401 series is a twist lock through bag connector designed to work with our AQD 500 TF quick disconnects found in this section of our catalog. In combination with our AQD 500 quick disconnects, these vac valves have been used successfully at major aircraft companies holding full vacuum and pressure up to 15 bars at temperatures up to 500°F (260°C).  
  • Flat base and twist lock designs is easy to install.
  • High quality components ensure good seals and safe vacuum bags.
  • Simple, economical design keeps plumbing costs under control.

Click here for the Vac Valve 401 Series Technical Data Sheet