Peel Ply Nylon

Category : Vacuum Consumables
Type : Consumables
Code : VBPP-RT
Size : 1270mm or 1524mm
Brand : Airtech
Description :
Econostitch is a heat set and scoured nylon peel ply with red tracers which make this peel ply more visible before and after a cure, reducing the possibility of the peel ply being left on the part. Our Econostitch peel plies are designed to work in resin infusion or hand lay-up processes. Econostitch assists or eliminates the need for sanding or abrading on your composite laminate.  Available in 1270 mm or 1524 mm wide.
  • Peel plies strip off of cured laminates leaving a textured surface, reducing time spent hand finishing.
  • Lower cost fabric reduces overall cost of vacuum bag process materials.
  • Red pin stripes make fabric more visible to reduce risk of leaving in place after cure.

Click here for the Econostitch Technical Data Sheet