Peel Ply Polyester

Category : Vacuum Consumables
Type : Consumables
Code : VBPP
Size : 1524 mm
Brand : Airtech
Description :
Econoply J is a light weight, heat set and scoured polyester peel ply with a tight weave and good drapability.  Our Econoply range of peel plies are high quality but inexpensive and developed for applications such as resin infusion and hand lay-up. Econoply peel plies assist or eliminate the need for sanding or abrading composite laminate.
  • Peel plies strip off of cured laminates leaving a fine textured surface, reducing time spent hand finishing.
  • Lower cost fabric reduces overall cost of vacuum bag process materials.
  • Drapable weave style can be applied over multiple cured surfaces easily.

Click here for the Econoply Technical Data Sheet