Release Film

Category : Vacuum Consumables
Type : Consumables
Code : VBRF
Size : See Below
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Description :
Release Films are an economical film designed to release backing consumable plys from composite parts. They are compatible with most resins associated with aerospace, marine, and recreational products.
  • Good elongation and strength reduces tearing and bridging in corners, so less rework on resin rich corners.
  • Softness of film reduces wrinkle marks on parts, improving surface finish and reducing hand finishing.
  • Inexpensive film reduces the cost of medium temperature vacuum bagging processes.

Available Sizes:
product Width Perforations Colour
High Perf 1500 mm P31 Blue
Low Perf 1200 mm P98 Clear
High Perf 1200 mm P22 Clear
Non Perf 1500 mm - Green