Woven Fibreglass

Category : Reinforcements/Fabrics
Type : Woven
Code : RE
Size : Various Sizes
Brand :
Description :
We supply an extensive range of E-glass reinforcements suitable for composite component manufacture and repair. These materials are based on the most widely used fibre types and fibre orientations and incorporate a variety of construction techniques in their manufacture. Available weights and weave types: 24gsm Plain Weave 1000mm; 86gsm Plain Weave 1050mm; 134gsm Plain Weave 1000mm; 198gsm Plain Weave 1000mm; 155gsm Plain Weave 25mm / 38mm / 50mm / 75mm / 100mm / 150mm; 165gsm Twill 1270mm; 185gsm 4 Harness Satin 1000mm; 295gsm 4 Harness Satin 1270mm; 301gsm 8 Harness Satin 1270mm.