Structural adhesive refers to formulations where the principal component is a thermoset polymeric resin, for example, epoxies, polyurethanes, acrylates and phenolics. At CG Composites (AUS) we sell a wide range of top brand structural adhesives for a wide range of applications.

  • Epoxy Kits (large and small quantities available)
  • Aerosol (Tensorgrip; 3M Super 77)
  • Superglue (Zap-A-Gap, Permabond)
  • Polyester Adhesive Paste

Product Name Type Size More
Zip Kicker 2oz Superglue  59ml
Zap-A-Gap 1oz Superglue 28.3g
Spabond 540 Epoxy Kits 38.4kg (2 part system)
Super77 Aerosol 467grams
Tensorgrip-M55G and TC48 Aerosol 500ml
Ultrabond Blue Polyester 25kg
Spabond340 LV-400 Slow Epoxy Kits 400ml kit
Spabond345-400 Fast Epoxy Kits 400ml kit
Araldite K106 Epoxy Kits 1kg, 9kg kits
Araldite K138 Epoxy Kits 1.4kg and 8.4kg kits
Araldite K219-1 Epoxy Kits 1kg kit
Permabond 2011 Gel Superglue 20g
Araldite 2015-380 Epoxy Kits 380ml
Araldite 64-1 Phenolic 4kg, 25kg
Compset 121 Gel Epoxy Kits 800g, 4ltr, 20ltr kits
Compset 121 Paste Epoxy Kits 5kg, 25kg
Compset 221 Gel Epoxy Kits 3kg kit
Crestomer 1152PA- Urethane Acrylate Urethane Acrylate 20kg
Araldite AW106/HV953U Epoxy 20kg/16kg
Araldite 2014-200 Epoxy Kits 200ml