At CG Composites (AUS) we sell a large variety of fillers and pigments.

Filler Powders such as Phenolic Microballoons or Envirospheres and are widely used as an additive or thickener to help make the resin lightweight and buoyant.   Different brands are comprised of different materials such as hollow microballoons or microspheres. The main characteristics of filler powders include:

  • Functional low density
  • High compressive strength
  • Non dangerous goods status

Other filler materials we stock include:

  • Cabosil is a colloidal or fumed silica used to control “sag’ characteristics of a resin system.
  • Cotton Flock, a milled cotton fibre used to promote adhesion between laminate layers
  • Aluminium Granules have fine spherical properties and are valued for their high mechanical properties and superior thermal and electrical conductivity
  • Graphite Powder is an odourless filler powder that can be mixed with any resin and cures to a black colour
  • Talcum is a non-abrasive filler used in adhesives to provide structural strength or reinforcement and is heat resistance
  • Kiln Dried Sand

All our filler products can be bought in both large and small quantities.

Product Name Type Size More
Pigments – Various Colours Pigments 100g, 200g
Cotton Flock Filler Powders 200g/1ltr 1kg/5ltr, 2kg
Cabosil Filler Powders 10kg, 50g/1ltr, 250g/5ltr, 500g/10ltr, 1kg/20ltr
Envirospheres ES and SL Series Filler Powders 20kg, 4kg/10ltr, 2kg/5ltr
Graphite Powder Filler Powders 750g/2.5ltr
Kiln Dried White Sand Filler Powders 20kg
Phenolic Microballoons Filler Powders 12kg, 100g/1ltr, 500g/5ltr, 1kg/10ltr, 2kg/20ltr
Q-Cel Filler Powders 10kg, 500g/5ltr, 1kg/10ltr, 2kg/20ltr
Talcum Powder Filler Powders 25kg, 5kg/10ltr, 3kg/5ltr
Aluminium Granules Filler Powders 20kg