Industrial Heating Blankets

CG Composite (AUD) supply Kuhlmann Electro Heat® Heating Blankets throughout Australia. Industrial Heating Blankets offer users the ability to surface heat safely and effectively with the ability to set heat elements to a specific temperature.

Our industrial heating blankets make it easy to heat up material including composite, carbon, epoxy prepreg and ensure a safe and uniform temperature distribution on the surface of the material. The blanket therefore acts as a perfect heatspreader on the desired material.

Industrial heating blankets are used in many industries including production and repair of wind energy (turbine blades), marine, aerospace, automotive and mining industries.

Industrial Heating Blankets are ideal for:

  • Curing processes in the aerospace industry
  • Curing processes in the marine industry
  • Wind turbine rotor blade repair
  • Wind turbine rotor blade production

CG Composites also offers Drum Heaters for heating drum contents to specific temperatures. View Drum Heater products here.

Product Name Type Size More
Heating Blanket 0-120°C without Insulation Non-Insulated Heat Blanket Various
JUMO HeatTherm Temperature Controller Kuhlmann Electro-Heat ea
Digitherm Digital Temperature Controller Kuhlmann Electro-Heat ea
Heating Blanket 0-90°C with Insulation Kuhlmann Electro-Heat See Below
Heating Blanket 0-120°C with Insulation Kuhlmann Electro-Heat See Below