Pre Pregs

CG Composites (AUS) sells Pre Preg materials made by Gurit. Pre-impregnated materials (pre pregs) are reinforcement fibres or fabrics into which a pre-catalysed resin system has been impregnated by a machine. The resin systems in these materials react very slowly at room temperature, giving rise to working times of many days or months. Pre preg resins can only be fully cured by heating them to the prescribed cure temperature. The accuracy of the machinery used to combine the fabric or fibre with the resin ensures that laminates produced from pre pregs have more consistent and higher fibre contents than can be achieved by wet lay-up techniques. This allows the use of very tough, strong resin systems that would be too high in viscosity to be impregnated by hand.

CG Composites (AUS) also supplies aerospace qualified pre pregs, which are strong, light and fire-retardant and ideally suited for interior or structural components.

Pre preg materials are shipped directly to our customers.

Product Name Type Size More
Gruit SE 84LV Gurit On Request