At CG Composites (AUS) we supply a large range of high-quality resins and hardeners by companies such as Gurit, Huntsmann, Scott Bader, Smooth On and Vee-Tek. We offer large and small quantities, as well as trial kits

  • Polyester Resins are our most popular resin system and widely favoured in the marine industry. Polyester Resin is cured using MEKP ((methyl ethyl ketone peroxide), Additives such as silicone and wax in styrene help create a tack free surface.
  • Vinyl Ester Resins are a reliable, cost effective alternative to epoxy resins with the same usability as polyester resins. Vinyl Ester resin is cured using MEKP ((methyl ethyl ketone peroxide),
  • Epoxy and Polyurethane Potting and Casting Resins are considered high performance products delivering high quality outcomes.

Product Name Type Size More
Smooth On Ignite Pigments Tints and Pigments 400ml
Smooth On SO-Strong Tint Tints and Pigments 56ml, 473ml
Surfset Pro Coating Resin Kits Epoxy Kits 3, 10 and 30 ltr kits
Prime 27 Epoxy Infusion System Gurit See Below
Catalyst Catalyst 100ml, 250ml, 500ml, 1kg, 5kg
CDR700 Hand Laminating Vinyl Ester Vinyl Ester 1kg, 4kg, 20kg, 200kg
Ampreg 31 Gurit See Below
Crystic 671TP Vinyl Ester Hand Laminating Resin Vinyl Ester 20kg, 200kg
Crystic 671 Vinyl Ester Infusion Resin Vinyl Ester 20kg, 200kg
Wax In Styrene Vinyl Ester 1kg, 4kg
Spabond 540 Gurit 38.4kg
Pinkysil Tooling Systems 500g, 1kg, 5kg,10kg
Styrene Monomer Vinyl Ester 1kg, 4kg
Raku Tool Fast Cast Polyurethane Tooling Systems 9kg
Smooth On Crystal Clear Smooth-On See Below
Smooth On Clear Flex Smooth-On See Below
Smooth ON EZ-Brush Vac Bag Silicone Vacuum Consumables 0.91kg or 7.26kg
Smooth On Feather Lite Smooth-On 1.13kg
Smooth On Mould Max Tooling Systems See Below
Smooth On Smooth Cast 320 Smooth-On See Below
Smooth On Mold Star Tooling Systems See Below
Smooth On Thi-Vex Tooling Systems 28ml
Spabond 340 Slow Gurit 400ml kit
Spabond345 Fast Gurit 400ml kit
RenCast 264-1 Aluminium Filled Epoxy Tooling Systems 20kg
RenCast 6444 Polyurethane 5.08kg
Hardener HY 956 Epoxy Hardener 5kg, 25kg
RenCast FC52/53 / FC53 Fast Cast Polyurethane Tooling Systems 9kg
Renlam M-1 Huntsman 5kg, 25kg
Araldite K106 Huntsman 1kg & 9kg
Araldite K138 Huntsman 1.4kg & 8.4kg
Araldite K219 Huntsman 1kg
Araldite K75 Huntsman 10kg Kit
Polyester Resin 2080 Polyester 1kg, 4kg, 25kg, 225kg
Polyester Unwaxed Polyester 20kg
Araldite CW 2245 Huntsman 25kg
Araldite LY 3600 CI / Aradur 3600-2 Huntsman See Below
Araldite GY 9708-1 Huntsman 20kg, 240kg
Polyurethane Buoyancy and Insulation Foam Polyurethane 4kg, 8kg, 53kg
Compset 121 Gel Vee-Tek 800g, 4ltr, 20ltr
Compset 121 Paste Vee-Tek 5kg, 25kg
Compset 221 Gel Vee-Tek 3kg kit
Aradur HY177 Huntsman 1kg, 4kg, 18kg
Hardener 234 Huntsman 1kg, 4kg, 18kg
Aradur HY249-1 Huntsman 300g, 1kg, 4kg, 18kg, 180kg
Aradur 2961 CI Huntsman 600g, 1.8kg, 3kg, 12kg, 200kg
Aradur 2964 Huntsman 4kg, 20kg,194kg
Aradur 837 Huntsman 1kg, 4kg, 18kg
Aradur 943 Huntsman 1kg, 4kg, 18kg
Araldite CW 177 Huntsman 20kg
Araldite GY 191 Huntsman 1kg, 3kg, 5kg, 20kg, 220kg