Surface Coatings

The first materials marketed as protective coatings for composites were pre-formulated, compounded products called gelcoats, which are used as ‘in-mould’ coatings. Today, this has become a highly specialised business involving colour technology, air release requirements, thick film build-up and rapid cure times to produce in-mould finished surfaces with excellent gloss, colour and surface integrity retention after years of environmental exposure. The new gelcoats provide both excellent protection for structural laminates as well as the levels of gloss and colour retention demanded by a variety of industries.

Product Name Type Size More
Primecoat Scott Bader 1kg, 4kg, 15kg
Gelcoat -Brush Polyester 1kg, 4kg, 25kg
Gelcoat – Spray Polyester 1kg, 4kg, 25kg
Glosscoat Scott Bader 1kg, 4kg, 15kg
Flowoat – Brush Polyester 1kg, 4kg, 25kg
Catalyst Catalyst 100g, 250g, 500g, 1kg, 5kg