Tools & Equipment

You need more than composite products to get a job done. CG Composites (AUS) is your one-stop shop to acquire all the tools, equipment and consumables that keep your projects and productivity running smoothly and on time. with us you will find quality items at affordable prices:
• Premium reusable black bristle brushes in 4 different sizes
• Catalyst dispensers
• Cartridge Guns
• Drum and Pail Warmers
• Rollers (e.g. barrel, checking)
• Scissors
• Taps
• Vacuum Consumables

Product Name Type Size More
Accutrak Ultrasonic Leak Detector Tools ea
Venturi Vacuum Generator Vacuum Pumps ea
Aluminium Thru Bag Fitting Vacuum Consumables ea
CP10 Vacuum Pumps ea
Vacuum Gauge Analogue Vacuum Pumps ea
Vacuum Gauge Digital Vacuum Pumps ea
Catchpot-PE-10L Vacuum Pumps 10ltr
Catchpot-PE-2.5L Vacuum Pumps 2.5ltr
Catchpot-PE-3.5L Vacuum Pumps 3.5ltr
Aircon 68 Vacuum Pump Oil Vacuum Pumps 1ltr