Vacuum Consumables

CG Composites offers a wide variety of vacuum consumables that can be used in a wide range of vac bag processes. Popular items include:

• Tacky Tape (black and yellow)
• Peel Ply (incl red tracer)
• Release Film
• Breather
• Vac Bag Film
• Shrink Tapes (32 and 64 mm)
• And More

Product Name Type Size More
PTFE Coated Release Film Consumables 1000mm
Vacuum Infusion Spiral Feed Consumables See Below
Vacuum Infusion Tube Consumables See Below
Venturi Vacuum Generator Vacuum Pumps ea
TensorGrip TC48 Other Brands 500ml
Breather Cloth Gurit 1520 mm
Aluminium Thru Bag Fitting Tools & Equipment ea
Vacuum Bagging Film Vacuum Bag See Below
Vacuum Infusion Flow Mesh Consumables 1040 mm
Peel Ply Nylon Consumables 1270mm or 1524mm
Peel Ply Polyester Consumables 1524 mm
Release Film Consumables See Below
Shrink Tape Consumables ea
Super77 Other Brands 467grams
TensorGrip M55G Other Brands 500ml
Vacuum Bag High Temperature Sealant Tape Consumables ea
Vacuum Bag Sealant Tape Gurit ea
Smooth ON EZ-Brush Vac Bag Silicone Vacuum Bag 0.91kg or 7.26kg
Vacuum Gauge Analogue Vacuum Pumps ea
Vacuum Gauge Digital Vacuum Pumps ea
Flash Breaker Tape Other Brands 24mm or 48mm