Digitherm Digital Temperature Controller

Category : Industrial Heating Blankets
Type : Heat Blanket Controllers
Code :
Size : ea
Brand : Kuhlmann Electro-Heat
Description :
The Kuhlmann DigiTherm temperature controller is a durable, compact and very easy to use temperature controller for precise temperature adjustment. The digital temperature controller has a compact design and is easy to mount. The temperature controller can be used to control temperature on a large variety of products including Industrial Heating Blankets, Drum Heaters and IBC Container Heaters.
  • Digital temperature display that shows both the current and desired temperature
  • Digital temperature control
  • Available with different temperature limits, e.g. 0-90°C or 0-120°C
  • Advanced temperature setting with temperature increase in percent (OPTION)
  • An additional temperature sensor can be added to display alternate temperature e.g. current temperature (OPTION)

Click here for the Digitherm Controller Technical Data Sheet